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Teacher Profile


Bacolod City, Philippines

  • Have a TESOL Certificate
  • Have taught English as a second language for almost 5 years for kindergarten and kids raging from 6 to 15 years
  • An interactive teacher who dwells and adapts to students skills and capacity
  • An encouraging teacher who never settles for less, instead motivates students to do better each
  • time
  • Very creative when it comes to class, joyful and full of energy
  • Very patient and dedicated to the students
  • Very helpful towards students’ learning of the English language

Hi there! I’m Teacher Apol. 27 years old. As a child, I have always wanted to become a teacher. I have been dreaming of it that I started to tutor some of my younger friends until I was in High School. How I loved to teach kids. Talking to them and listening to their stories about their vacation trips, Holidays and even just listening to them about a movie that they have watched and some things that they have bought. Teaching them is not only about feeding them of what they should learn, but it is also about hearing them. Letting them express themselves using the English language to see also if they are learning.

As an English teacher, I want to make sure that not only I do my job well, but also make sure that I give them what they need. Putting pressure to the students will not make them good, so I have to know their paces, their capabilities, their skills. To see the students improve every day or every meeting makes me feel proud as a teacher and that makes my greatest achievement.

It will be a fun-filled learning experience and we will have a great time while learning, so I’ll see you in my class!