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Teacher Profile


Cagayan Valley, Philippines

  • Have Celta Certificate
  • Have been teaching English for almost 4 years
  • Have taught English from basic to advanced level (from grade school to professionals)
  • Experience in teaching one-on-one or group Conversational English lessons to Japanese,
  • Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Turkish, Brazilian and Filipino students
  • Have taught Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Business English, English for Kids, English for
  • Advance and Intermediate
  • Passionate, patient, friendly, creative and enthusiastic

Hello! I am Dashie from the Philippines. I love adventure and learning new things. I never give up on anything. I am a hard working, optimistic, resourceful and jolly person. I used to dream about travelling however, for me to do it, I need to save money. Luckily I found the best way to travel without spending! How? Well, I can meet wonderful people around the world through teaching English online. Isn't it amazing? I can talk to people around the world and know some interesting things about their cultures. I love this job and I am more than willing to give the best I can to help others when it comes to fluently using the English language. Though I may not be a teacher by profession (because I’ve majored in Psychology), I am by heart.

See you in my class!