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Teacher Profile



Iloilo, Philippines

  • 4 years experience on teaching English as a second language to foreign students
  • Can guide and educate students to utilize available methods for taking TOEIC and IELTS examinations
  • Can teach four fundamental skills in English such as speaking, listening, writing, and reading
  • Furthermore, can assist students with pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary expressions
  • Enthusiastic and Motivated

As a teacher, I am very particular with grammar usage and often give corrective remarks to my students whenever they commit grammatical errors.
I like exploring new things and I enjoy meeting new people. With my current experience, I’ve thought and encountered several students with different nationalities in person, one on one classes and group classes. With that, it is not hard for me to deal with foreign students no matter what nationality they have.
When it comes to teaching, I always make sure that my student comprehends me well by giving or demonstrating numbers of examples. I am also quite astute about pronunciation and accent. I get strict when it comes to grammar classes and I tend to be meticulous in my writing classes, which is also my forte. In my reading classes, I make sure that my students comprehend well with the idea of the text by asking them random questions related to it or make them tell the story using their own words.
As someone teaching English, I understand well how significant it is for the learners and I make sure that they get what they need. If needed, even if the material is already done, I give supplemental knowledge to more widen my student’s knowledge.
Hope to see you in my class!