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Teacher Profile


Davao city, Philippines

  • Have CELTA Certificate
  • Have taught Conversational English for 10 years
  • Specializes in one on one teaching
  • Taught English of all ages from grade school to professionals
  • Have used tools which will help develop, comprehend and teach English in the most fun loving environment
  • Don’t just promise to deliver lessons and teachings in enjoyable and excellent manner but in a teaching that every student would want and that’s a “TEACHING WITH A HEART”

Hi! My name is Raquel but I’d love to be called Kate. I was born and raised in Philippines. I am a single parent to four wonderful kids. I love to write and I love to travel and know people’s culture and want to learn some new languages. I am a very sociable person. I love to listen to stories and interact with people because I get to learn a lot with them. I am humanitarian by nature So I want anything to be JUST. I hate seeing people being stepped on and I will always go out of my way to those who cannot fight for themselves. My friends always tell me that I’m fun to be with because I talk a lot in my circle.

I grew up in a fun loving and family oriented environment. I see learning as challenging yet fun and teaching as an opportunity because you get to share a part of yourself to people you get to interact with. I somehow get connected to my students most especially if I get to know them and their stories.

I took up AB Mass communications in college. I am an online home-based freelancer and all of my clients are foreign and I get to enjoy it as I learn new things every day. I make sure that I give out not just my best skills but a part of my heart as well since it will be more interesting and personal if you share a part of you to student or every client that I have. I do believe that teaching should be fulfilling, professional and fun with a TOUCH of HEART.