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Teacher Profile


London, United Kingdom

  • Native English speaker. Born and raised in London, England
  • Level 5 TESOL qualification
  • Amazon Bestselling author for free dystopian fiction
  • Studied at Roehampton University, London, as a teacher (2009-2011)
  • Taught English and other subjects in London-based primary schools (2009-2011)
  • Helped improve English skills of Japanese, South Korean and Chinese.
  • Has attended guest-speaking events as an author of Young Adult & Children's fiction
  • Very strong written and verbal English
  • Creative, dynamic, friendly and professional. Can engage students and help them reach the best of their abilities.

I am a published author from the UK, born and raised in London, England. Seven years ago, I first embarked upon a BA teaching degree at Roehampton University where I spent two years studying both practical and theoretical work involving children and young adults, with particular emphasis on acquiring the different skill sets necessary to succeed as an accomplished teacher. This included engaging with students and implementing creative and interesting activities that helped them learn, formulating lesson plans and developing a range of skills dedicated to helping the students reach their full potential.
Having always been a keen writer, I decided over the next few years to focus on my writing as a priority, which resulted in the publication of my two novels that are currently in the global market; one of them, a Young Adult Paranormal Romance, hit the Amazon Bestsellers list for free dystopian fiction in January 2016. Consequently, I have featured in London newspapers and attended schools as a guest-speaker, while also working on my third novel. I carry myself confidently and eloquently as a writer, but I have never once wavered in my desire to teach. Deciding to combine my love of the English language with my love of teaching, I decided to enrol in a Level 5 TESOL course. I have helped improve the English skills of Japanese, South Korean and Chinese students and I now seek to extend my talents to other parts of Asia where I feel students will be able to benefit from the dynamic and dedicated way I approach my work. I am also a successful freelance writer who has written articles for businesses and companies based in the UK, USA and Canada; my personal blog attracts between 500-1000 readers around the world on a daily basis.
London is an incredibly diverse and multicultural city and one thing I have witnessed and experienced growing up here are the many different cultures and identities that mingle together. It is fascinating and exhilarating to know that people from all over the world can come here, communicate with one another, learn from each other, and forge connections that are very often long-lasting and inspiring. My ambition is to help students from all over the world recognise their true potential and utilise their skills with the English language in the best way possible. My verbal and written English is of a very high calibre and many students have benefited from my teaching; I hope, of course, that they shall continue to do so. As an author of fiction, I am a creative individual with a wide imagination, and both my students and I have enjoyed the creativity which I have implemented into my lessons. Engaging, articulate and dynamic, I am 100% dedicated to the continual progression of my students, while encouraging their growth as well-rounded, confident human beings.
Hope to see you in my class!