Teacher Profile



Iloilo, Philippines

  • Licensed Professional Teacher
  • Public school teacher with 13 years’ experience teaching English as a second language
  • Trainer in journalistic writing, creative writing and public speaking
  • Have a solid educational foundation and a passion for teaching
  • Awarded as No. 1 Most Outstanding Teacher in the Division of Iloilo, Philippines
  • Utilizes varied teaching strategies to effectively deliver lessons
  • Provides wholesome learning experiences
  • Helps students develop a genuine love for the English language

Love your calling with passion. It is the meaning of your life.
I’ve always been passionate about teaching. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education with Specialization in English from West Viayas State University in 2002 as Cum Laude. I was also an awardee of Proficiency in English, Journalism, and Academic Excellence. I have 21 units under Master of Arts in Language Studies from the University of the Philippines Open University.
Presently, I am a Master Teacher I at a public elementary school in the Philippines. I teach English and Character Education. I am also the District Journalism Coordinator and School Paper Adviser of our publication. I train students in writing and public speaking. In 2012, I was awarded as the No. 1 Most Outstanding Teacher in the Division of Iloilo, Philippines.
With 13 years of experience as an Elementary Grades English Teacher, I am adept in classroom instruction, development of instruction plans, and parent-teacher relations. Moreover, I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for teaching.
I use varied teaching strategies in delivering my lessons, depending mostly on the level of my learners. One of the most effective methods I use is Communicative Language Teaching or CLT. I believe that students learn English faster once they use it in everyday conversation or situations. I always provide honest feedback on student’s performance and give additional activities to improve mastery.
So what are you waiting for? Let’s learn English together!