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Teacher Profile


Naga city, Philippines

  • Graduated at Ateneo de Naga University.
  • Licensed Professional Teacher and been teaching for 9 years.
  • ESL Teacher with 3 years of experience both online and man-to-man teaching.
  • Skilled, Flexible, enthusiastic, goal driven, patient and adept in using different online tools and computer-based applications.
  • Catering students in Conversational English and Business English and have experienced teaching Chinese, Koreans, Spanish, Taiwanese and Russian students.
  • Different methodology on improving oral and written skills in English in accordance to their level.
  • Various online tools and sites for comprehensive studying in English.

Hello! I am Elena. I am a Licensed Teacher and been teaching for 9 years now. Currently, I am also an English Teacher. I have taught different nationalities, Chinese, Russian, Koreans and Taiwanese. I am using different methods of teaching. 1. Lecture-demonstration 2. Evaluation- giving exercises, quiz, oral recitation, 3. Freetalk- 4. Using realias 5. Mental Modeling 6. Discovery Learning 7. Uing different visual aids.

See you in my class!