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Teacher Profile


Bais city, Philippines

  • License Professional Teacher
  • Been teaching English for five years onwards
  • Experience Teaching Tutor for all levels
  • Graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics
  • Friendly and Highly motivated

Hi my name is Lindy B. Mendoza. I am currently living in Bais City and finished my bachelors degree major in Mathematics in La Consolacion College (Bais City Campus) in 2013. On the same year, I passed the Licensure examination for Teachers. I am a teacher by profession. I am currently working as a public school teacher since 2015. I am teaching Mathematics to Junior High School students with English as a medium of instruction. This kind of work helps me on how to deal with students who have different personalities. I love seeing my students learning from me. It gives me inner satisfaction and happiness.
I’ve been teaching English online for more than 5 years now.
I have experience teaching young ages to adult students of different nationalities. Such wonderful experiences mold me to become a better teacher.
Because of such ESL teaching experience, I can teach different English topics such as:
Business English
Daily conversation
General English
Travel English
Idiomatic expressions
Being a teacher is such a great opportunity. Through teaching, I can help you develop your full potential. I will always do my best to provide you ideas or information in developing your English Skills. I will make every class unforgettable and meaningful for you.
See you soon!