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Teacher Profile

Nhật Minh

Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Obtained the degree of Bachelor of Arts and the degree of Master of Science in Accounting in the USA
  • Graduated Hanoi University major in English
  • Have experiences in teaching English from college students to kids in primary schools
  • An interactive teacher who can adapt method of teaching to best suit the student
  • Enthusiastic and Good communicator

Hi, my name is Minh. I spent 7 years in the US, in which I obtained my bachelor’s degree and my master’s degree. I also worked for some companies there. I learned English mostly in Vietnam and I did not attend an international school. So I hope to share with you guys my experience of a traditional Vietnamese students learning English and how I can adapt in a native speaking environment. Besides that, I have experiences in teaching people from college students to kids in primary schools. English now is so important, especially in working environment.

I look forward to helping you learning English!