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Teacher Profile

Sách Nguyễn

Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Working as an English assistant for 5 years
  • Working as an English teacher and private tutor for 5 years.
  • Exchange student at Ca’ Foscari – The University of Venice, Italy.
  • Major: Business Administration in English.
  • Exam Preparation: Starters, Movers, Flyers for kids, IELTS for adults.

Hello, my name is Sach Nguyen from Vietnam. I am living and studying at Ca’ Foscari University in Italy right now. I used to be an English assistant for over a year before becoming an English instructor and teacher. Even though my major at university is Business Administration, I am truly interested in teaching and discovering the beauty and nature of English.

The learning environment that I have created for my students is not pressure but freedom. If the students feel free to ask and talk with their teacher as a friend, he or she will never be shy or afraid to raise their voice. Never stopping asking and practicing will help them master the English language and I am always on that way, together with them achieve that goal.

Skills needed:
– Writing Skill and Grammar
– Speaking and Listening Skill
– Daily Conversation
– Pronunciation

Class Materials:
– Superkids 1-6
– My First Grammar 1-3
– My Next Grammar 1-3
– B1, B2 Destination
– New English