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Hotline 2: 0986 523 336

Teacher Profile


Baguio city, Philippines

  • Licensed Professional Teacher
  • Have TESOL Certification
  • Graduated Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education
  • One (1) year online English teaching experience
  • Two (2) years offline ESL teaching experience
  • Passionate in teaching learners especially kids

Hi students! I am Vivalyn, 25 years old, from the Philippines. I am a passionate
and result-oriented teacher. I usually ensure that my students have learned
something after the end of the lesson. It’s my joy to see them gain something
from the class. That’s why I do everything I could to help them improve in their
skills. I can also modify my teaching strategies to suit their learning styles as
well as address their learning needs.

With the teaching experiences I have, it really helped me to love my job more.
In fact, I want to touch the lives of the students that I want to teach them beyond
the book. I believe that that is one of my privilege as a teacher.

My love for teaching will make the students feel comfortable in my class. I will
check the errors of the students in a constructive way; helping them to gain
more confidence in using the English language. My goal for the students is not
just to be knowledgeable in the English language but most importantly, to build
their confidence and believe in themselves.