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Teacher Profile


Iligan City, Philippines

  • Have a TESOL certificate
  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Public Administration
  • Have Master's Degree in Public Administration
  • Experienced Teaching Students for all levels (age 3-55 years old)
  • Lively and Interactive and Funny

Hi! Good day. I’m Yash. I’m 29 years old. My degree in university was Bachelor of science in Public Administration. I also have Master’s degree in Public Administration. So I have good background in public speaking that is why I love to teach spoken English very much.

My specialty is all about oral communication skills such as:
-Spoken English (daily conversation)
-Grammar and correct usage
-Pronunciation (fluency in English)
-English Slang words

In my class, its okay to make mistakes because its my job to correct your English mistakes and your part is to apply the corrections to keep practicing and keep learning. I always give my students enough chance to speak up so that they can develop their confidence on speaking and pronunciation and at the same time I can get to correct you immediately because practice is very important in learning effectively.

I can help you with your English speaking, Grammar and Pronunciation. We can do it together see you in my class. Have a great day! 🙂