“Tôi từng học nhiều giáo viên nhưng học cô Tessa cảm thấy rất phù hợp. Cô biết lắng nghe và luôn sẵn sàng giúp tôi chỉnh sửa câu sai. Cô luôn đúng giờ và thân thiện.”

– Học viên Hà Thị Thắm



  • Have Bachelor of Science Diploma
  • Have TEFL certificate
  • Handles IELTS training both written and oral
  • Have 5 years ESL teaching experience
  • More than 15 Years work experience both local and abroad
  • Qualified teacher for beginners to advance level students
  • Specialise in Pronunciation, Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Structure
  • Enthusiastic and very Professional

Hello Students! I am Teacher TESSA. I am from the Philippines. With my Extensive training, skills and experience,I know that I am qualified to teach all levels of students and help them achieve their goals. I do my teaching based on the level, need and age of the students. I customize my way of teaching so as to address properly the goal of each student. I handle different ages, from 5 years old up to 55 years old. I believe that learning is Constant. The world is ever evolving and we should equipped ourselves to be globally ready. Communication
thru a universal language which is English will give us the strength and courage to level up with the changes.

I will be your teacher, coach, mentor or even your guidance counselor if needed. This is how I build my relationship with my students. Active interaction is always encourage to promote positive vibes within the class. I will share my skills and knowledge to my students to prepare them not only in academe but grow as an intellectual individual.

Remember my dear students! I offer a learning experience wherein you are the star of the class. Your goal is my goal. Together we will achieve what is already been yours all along and that is a GREAT FUTURE! Here in SKYPE ENGLISH that is the near reality.
My philosophy in teaching, I believe that teaching is listening and talking is learning. So, what are you waiting for? JOIN my class here in Skype English.

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